Friday, May 8, 2009

4 Day Tokyo Trip from Seoul

Well, looks like I'll be going to Japan for a few years later this year. I might as well get the blog started on the right foot with a post of my latest trip to Tokyo from Seoul. It's a duplicate from my Korea blog.

I really suck! Here are pics from recent Japan trip #2 back in January. I even wrote things to blog about then never got around to it. Now I forget many of the interesting details.

We'll go through a photo tutorial of the quick 4 day trip with my friend Heather.

We started off like nutcases going to the world famous Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market at 5AM. Tired as we were it felt hard core to fight the rain at such hours!

It was an incredible experience! You feel like you're in a movie, except very much in the way.

It's also a little strange because you almost feel sorry for the poorly dressed, diligent, fish auctioneers who pull their little wooden carts loaded with a fish or two by hand - that is, until you learn that they may have paid $50k for it! My, oh my!

My first Sumo match was interesting enough. My friend didn't think it was "sumo season", but we managed to get tickets.

I always like running around Japan at night. The crowds of people and lit buildings are distinctly Tokyo. It has a different feel from Seoul. Cleaner, lower highrises, yet more activity with similar amounts of over the top lighting.
Tokyo tower was entertaining - I have this thing for heights. The other tower in Roppongi absolutely sucked because it was too windy and rainy to go outside and you couldn't see a thing! Chuck and I went to 4 different towers in Japan (Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama, and ugh??) on the last trip.

And there was a guy with a monkey outside! Yay!

Some famous, nice temple that was closed! :(

The 4 days came and went quickly, but, truth be told, I was ready to go by the last day. Not like the last 7 day trip where we felt rushed traveling between cities.

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